Dr. Lyn A. Campbell, MD

Founder, General Practitioner

Lyn A. Campbell, MD, born in Chicago in 1963, was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He earned his undergraduate degree in biology from Dillard University in New Orleans in 1985. He received his medical degree from Howard University of Medicine’s College of Medicine in Washington, D.C. in 1989.

After completing his internship and specialty training in Emergency Medicine at Howard University Hospital, Dr. Campbell spent the next 11 years working as an attending staff physician at several well-renowned hospitals in Washington, D.C., including Greater Southeast Hospital, D.C. General Hospital, and Providence Hospital. ​

About US

Urgent Care is the delivery of medical services outside of the hospital emergency department and is generally administered on a walk-in or unscheduled basis. Ever gotten a small cut on your finger while cooking? Treat it at home. Are you or a loved one having signs or symptoms of a heart attack? Go to the ER. Everything in between is Urgent care. Our Urgent Care center treats patients who are in need of immediate medical attention and choose to bypass a visit to the emergency room because of cost or ailments that are not serious enough to require hospital emergency services. Urgent care is not meant to substitute a necessary visit to the ER or primary care physician, but we provide an alternative to these with the ability to provide excellent treatment for most illnesses and injuries.

New Patient

In 2000, answering a deep-rooted call to return to the Caribbean where he spent his formative years, Dr. Campbell accepted an opportunity to become the assistant director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Gov. Juan Luis Hospital on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Dr. Campbell eventually became the director of the department, and later helped develop and oversee the hospital’s Fast Track program. He was also named the first director of the hospital’s Ambulatory Care Services.

Driven by his strong Christian faith and beliefs on helping people in his community, in 2006 Dr. Campbell founded Acute Alternative Medical Group, a private medical practice where he currently serves as medical director. In 2009, Dr. Campbell expanded Acute’s services when he opened St. Croix’s only accredited sleep disorder treatment practice, Acute Alternative Sleep Center. And utilizing his knowledge and expertise in emergency medicine, Dr. Campbell expanded the medical practice by opening St. Croix’s first urgent care center, offering a more convenient and accessible alternative to the nearby hospital emergency room.

In addition to Acute being a traditional medical practice, Dr. Campbell, with a strong desire to have a positive impact on his patients’ health and wellbeing, also decided to offer scientifically researched alternative medical tests and therapies to his patients. He also medical-grade supplements and a nutrition bar that offers nutritious smoothies and snacks.

Throughout his medical career, Dr. Campbell has dedicated is life and career to improving the health of his patients. But more importantly, his faith and values have been cornerstone of his commitment to bettering the lives of his family, his patients, and his community.